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An earning mobile app is named Pocket Money. Pocket Money is 100% Genuine. There is no joining fee. There is no registration fee. A new money investment by any name is not invested in your pocket. This pocket money app has been launched in India by a Japanese company but to date, more than one crore downloads have been done on mobile phones i.e. 

one crore people have trusted pocket money earning, downloaded and are earning by sitting in the whole world. Ways to do it are very easy, even if you are tenth pass, whether you are a housewife, you want to do a job, you are a merchant, you can go and earn money from 100% genuine pocket money mobile apps

You reach out to me and tell you how to do it, the new way becomes old and you have to complete something by giving time and earning money and earn money, you have to play for some time and earn more money on top of the offer that which you can remove but only get the money to download and as I Just a while ago, all the money that you earn reaches your Paytm account, I will also come and have another earning. 

There is a lot of pocket money, if you update from WhatsApp or download it from Facebook, earn as much as you can. People invite you to download this app, you get ₹ 10 if you have invited /100, earned ₹ 1000 and if you have invited people. You get ₹ 10 on this pocket money mobile app. 

If you have invited 100 people then you have earned ₹ 1000 and immediately comes to your Paytm account immediately and if you have invited 1000 people then you will earn ₹ 10000 and it will come to your mind that If you ask anyone will download this app, then anyone who downloads this app on their mobile phone will immediately download ₹ 10 in their mobile phone and have put it in their mobile, here you will immediately get your Paytm account


you will download the Pocket Money app on your mobile phone, and it will identify your mobile number, and friends, well it has added your number, you click here to display your number from now It is ok, now you have to request OTP and login, this is two options, a request is also the best. you will have an OTP on your mobile number from pocket money to verify your mobile number, so you request OTP. Will wait until you have taken automatic and register you too. Very easy software can be seen that I have downloaded from the link in my mobile phone, then I got ₹ 10 right away. Go how do you earn from here.


And after that when you come here, you will see many options, you will open them all one by one and try to earn them by completing them as quickly as possible. With the kind of offer and how easily you can take the money, we can see all of you, here is a small mathematics game that even a child can play, I show you that we also get points by completing it. Who later convert to Rupees now.

If you give yourself time, you will see a lot of options, you will open all these one by one and try to earn them by completing them as quickly as possible. Now I can quickly show you something experimental, what kind of offers were and how easy You can take money from here. Here is a small game that anyone can play with leftovers. 

Let me show you that by completing this we also get points which are converted in the office later. That you can be entertained and also you are watching the advertisement. You are watching this advertisement after spending your time and in return it is mobile, it gives you money. 

Your main motive is to show you this advertisement, and at the same time it is giving you a small trance also so that you can see the advertisement with this excuse and also earn money, now I have to answer this but there are many options for earning.

After that, you will start coming to your mobile phone, you will come in a notification on your mobile phone only through SMS from your mobile phone after completing the survey for you, assume the point. You can go back to earning from that, I have brought you again from WhatsApp, where the highest earning option of one lakh today is watching the options in the evening, I am showing you this in this context, the rest of you are open. 

Do not invest money in any way here. In any case, you have understood that you go back, besides the friend, as I told you here, you can also do your entertainment by making a very easy play tombola and you can also earn money, as I show here by clicking here. Here you can see how to play the game, you can see how to play the game, you can see how to play it. When you come here and try to play this game, you can Try all over this.


By referring and inviting that they also download the pocket money mobile app on their mobile phone and earn it, then as soon as someone is introduced to your reference, you will download the pocket money app, you will get ₹ 10 immediately, he will also get ₹ 10. You will also get ₹ 10. Well if you have convinced your acquaintances or friends to download the Pocket Money mobile app on your mobile phone, then you will immediately earn ₹ 1000.

                                     HOW TO WITHDRAW MONEY

Here you will withdraw money from Paytm. when you earn RS-20, you can withdraw money through Paytm. here minimum withdrawal limit is RS-20, with no upper limit.

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