In today's article, I will tell you how to do YouTube search engine optimization and the easy way to do it step by step also discuss keyword research in detail. How you can Rank your YouTube videos and search can be found at first glance and YouTube will suggest more and more videos than you will upload.

One thing to note here is that all these videos go viral on YouTube, they don't have any search engine optimization, but if you upload your video with search engine optimization, your video will rank for a long time and you can earn from there. There are many benefits to this, such as your income and long life span. First, we will know what is search engine optimization.

what is SEO (search engine optimization)?

YouTube is a search engine, the second largest search engine in the world. Different people come here and search for different videos to solve their problems. Suppose they come to this platform to make money online and search on YouTube about that topic. Or if someone thinks about how to make unique dishes, he simply searches there and you can watch his videos from there. If you upload content videos that are highly searched on YouTube, for example, you are making an education-related video/tech video. However, you must do SEO on your YouTube video.

Let's talk about what happens in SEO. The first thing to know here is why and how video is actually viral. Suppose you uploaded a video to YouTube no matter how many subscribers you have, it will not send impressions to everyone. YouTube will send some people first then CTR will increase.

Suppose YouTube sent your video to 100 people, 10 of them clicked on the thumbnail of your video, which means your CTR is ten percent. This is exactly how CTR calculates the percentage that your video ranks slowly according to the higher the percentage. This is how the Impressionism of your video gets a positive response when YouTube sends your thumbnails to many more people expecting your video to go viral.

There is no one way to make a video viral on YouTube. Here your thumbnail is important, your description is important, your tags and hashtags are important, and in the future, there will be a separate section for hashtags where people will search with hashtags. Also video length video audio-video quality is very important, keywords should be very good for video viral.

How to create advanced keyword research.

You don't have to worry about doing advanced keyword research, you can do advanced keyword research with just two or three keywords on the topic you want to upload videos to YouTube, for example, how to do keyword research on How to Earn Money Online After typing it in the search box, you will see that there are many more types of keywords coming up which will be at the top. YouTube is searched a lot. When you write a description on YouTube, you must add a playlist with it. It also works very well. Also, be sure to share the social media link in your description box as it is very useful for your video to go viral.

You need to search for related tags that you think you are going to upload related videos, such as how to earn money online. You must use tags in your video from keywords that you think are appropriate. Automatically select many tags automatically from all the longitudinal whites you get.

The thumbnail on YouTube is a very important thing that can make your video viral. The thumbnail has to be very interesting which people will definitely click on when they see it and the thumbnail picture will make your video more viral.


Click here to see the settings you need to do before uploading a video for YouTube SEO. You must give a call to action in your video, for example, in the middle of the video, you said that if you like the video, you must comment and subscribe, or if you comment on something you are discussing, you don't like it, you like it. Giving this type of call to action to the audience will keep the audience more active while watching your video.

Suppose you are going to make a video on a topic and you have more videos on that topic. You must give the link an I button or a description so that your audience is involved in your videos.

The language in which you are making the video must be written in the language of the thumbnail of your video. This will increase the number of your viewers and create a platform on social media with the name of your YouTube channel.

Your social media icon, along with the social media ID, must be shown in the middle of the video to increase viewer numbers.

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