imagine you click on a youtube video and watch it for 30 seconds and making money online. now you can earn money from these tricks. I will just have you have to watch all these youtube videos here and you can net watch it for 30 seconds and you are going to get paid .here are some proof of payment if you can see here 10 US dollars/ 8 dollars /5 dollars. it's just literally pages and pages with real proof of payment are now very excited to share with you five great sites to get paid by just watching YouTube videos.

payment  proof 

so here is how much money you can earn from this if you only one start video site you can earn about 18 per hour and when you work three sites you can earn 50 dollars. you can to five different worksites to watch videos. you can up to 120 dollars per hour .it is therefore very important to look at the end and learn all these things five sites to maximize. your earnings do not worry because all these things sites are 100 % legit. they are absolutely free to enclose to and it is available worldwide do not forget all countries in the world. not that I will give you a special bonus with which you can earn double or even triple more money compared to other people. make sure you keep reading this article until the end. you go to a youtube search bar for example when you type this keyword winter travel and you will be able to find many videos that you can only look like usual.  

But I just want you five wise sites with which you can easily watch youtube videos just like this one. right here and you can make a lot of money online just like all these guys from different countries in the world so make sure you keep up to date learn all these five sites before you go try it for yourself. the first site I want to show you today is

 you can find here more than 6 hundred thousand members founded since 2007. you can earn basically cash online by watching different sites fill in surveys and more important to watch videos and more than 20,000 payments already sent to people from all countries on a world basis. you can pay out in PayPal money as you can see here. if you want to sign up for a free account you just have to click on this button.
No matter what country you are from, you can make money in a variety of ways. You can also make money online by looking at your friends' references.


 Here where it says sign up now and you go to this page where you can see here, it is login free .now you are going to enter your e-mail input address confirm your e-mail in your password confirm your password name and username can only sit what you want in general. you can just click on it to choose male or female your date of birth and directly this section where you can stand see. if I click on this you can see they are basically people from all countries in this world and I'm just curious you are looking nowhere where are you from this country, let me know in the comments below .so I can create more article in your region in my future and from down there how did you hear about it, you can nettie YouTube in the validation code .you can nettie everything in what you see here in this box and then you can go read but for their privacy policy and their terms and conditions. you can register for a free account from there can you just watch a simple youtube video just like that for about 30 seconds/60 seconds. now 30 seconds video pays less money the 60-second video will pay you higher earnings. now what I usually do is that I am just mute the video okay I just dial the volume of the video I want it just let them play in the background without actively watching them so this is actually a very cool tip that you can also use and usually will as much as possibly can open here.

 I'm just going to open one video and watch another video too by doing this. you can ensure essentially more money in much less time . one more thing I do is that I also use my cell phone and computer both devices to watch different videos and what the earnings can also speed up.


 so from there, I want to share with you some tips directly on the YouTube platform that enables you to watch the video faster than You can see below the gear settings. you can click this button you can see here under the playback speed is standard actually normal. you can actually speed up this video just select twice double speed .as you can see if I click on the play button the video will actually go on .so much faster and double the speed so by doing so you can actually watch a 30-second video in just 15 seconds. okay, half the time because the speed at the moment is actually double, this is actually one of the very effective strategies to make money faster to earn by simply watching videos from there.

 Another tip I want to share with you is that you can actually set the quality of the video right. as you can see here by default it should be automatic. you can actually choose one 144px care that is at the lowest ice quality what you are going to save data connection .what you are going to save more if you have a slow internet connection.


now the second website where you can watch videos and earn money as you can see here can pay you every 10 seconds is what I love about this site, because you can just look at a very short cut net 10 seconds and you can get paid and the second thing I like about this website is that you can pay out immediately as soon as you reach the two-dollar limit as soon as you earn two dollars. you can payout money and have withdrawal rights on their website they literally show you the latest 250 payments they send out to people from all over the world .as you can see here their people are accepted from basically worldwide look at all these places. where they are covered now and their growing day they are very transparent about all the payments they make to the sending people here all the usernames signal the flags of their countries. I want you to comment below if you see your flags of your country upright the screens. it should be interesting so from there you can also see all the earnings in US dollar sen .all the payment methods including Airtm/PayPal/Payoneer look at it all different payment method than the recent payout you can also save the total view. you can make money online by watching the video. make sure you keep watching to learn these five sites before you leave try to welcome them we now say if you want to sign up for a free account that you can only do this register button at the top right from there.

 you take to the box in the registration form you can just enter the username .you want and also your payment or login email address confirm your email and under the reference section. you can just unleash it because I'm not going to leave any reference links on my videos, I'm just trying to share this opportunity with you to try and help you make money online if you appreciate it, make sure to sign in to my channel turn on the notification clock and give a like of these videos really. appreciate it and you are absolutely amazing and under the currency, you can only choose one. you as dollars or your local currencies the payment method as you can see here you can choose from PayPal add cash perfect currency base payer Nutella for me personally. I would definitely prefer PayPal money and if you want PayPal money, just like me, make sure you leave comments below and let me know as well, and just put your year of birth in energy below. you will see this question where they want you to click the icon. that is, in this case, you want to click on the house you can just click on this icon just want to make sure you actually ' a robot no from there. you can only read the terms of service and you can agree to it by just clicking here to become yes and clicking the register button.

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