No no no you are absolutely wrong because you are not paid per day not being paid per hour but instead, you are paid per minute. it is the regular minute you receive your earnings and your payout this happens fast and it does not involve selling any social media, no loan do research, no difficult technical skill needed is in fact by far the easiest system for brand new beginners to make their first 500 online while others can do everything for your work. This opportunity is available worldwide including in the united states, Australia, Canada Europe, UK, India, philippine, Netherland, Nigeria Pakistan Singapore world. it's 100 % free instant investment or no credit card needed. make sure you look to the end ask will show you a magic trick and a bonus strategy and it is all for you and all you have to do is simply copy and paste start making money.

 so make sure you do not miss it. and if you want my number one recommendation and the best way to make money online. make sure you are on the first of all I want you to continue to go to

 you can see here right bobs as people come across this website. after which they can search different online workshops, different video tutorials and different courses to learn about something to learn a new skill. let's say for example if you click on this scroll button people can come here to learn something. for example, animation to learn more about graphic design or maybe even learn more about music or photography .there are so many different classes that people can join and different views videos on this platform. you may be wondering how we are supposed to make money from this website. And no worries needed is exactly what we are going to talk about following. now if you go to the home page of this site, I want you to scroll down to the bottom you can see below the teaching section you will see become a teacher and I want you to click here. then you come to this page where you can sign up for free and become a teacher and start uploading videos on this site. 

 No no no do not worry you do not have to create any videos. you do not have to be in front of the camera. I will show you a special trick to be ready before your videos upload right away. so it's going to be so much easier than you think and I will show you everything step by step right in this article. so you can start making money start today absolutely free. special investment in the first place, it's how teaching works on you have to create your first class right and then you have to upload videos on this site, and then when people close and watch the video you can make money on this site. they will pay you every minute. yes, you hear it right, when people watch your videos/ watch classes are paid every minute .commonly you earn monthly bonuses based on the number of minutes people watch your videos plus referral bonus is now very important, I want you to keep an eye on this video. Because I will show you a special bonus way to even earn more money by getting referrals on this website. and but that you side two reliable passive income to build up an income stream. 

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 number two you can the crisis commissions and referral bonus complete the steering machine using my strategy. so the moment you just have to go ahead and click on this green button here to start a class. you go to this page which you can see here where you can actually upload video so that when people can watch your videos online earn money and when you click on this upload video button to skin a video about this upload site and do not worry because in just a moment. I will show you exactly where to get free videos and videos so you can simply copy and paste and upload them on this site so you can start earning money right away. so that you keep looking right now I will show you some real demos example. now if I click on this button click on this page graphic design and then you go on this graphic design page. there are more than 1 million followers is the thing I like about skill because all you have to do is upload the videos and there are millions of people and visitors who follow ke day to search for videos enclasses to watch and learn about a new skill and you can use this buying opportunity and can be the one to make money online by using this amazing system for example of this video playlist it is by Chris George as you can see uploaded here, there are so many videos on single playlist each of them just about one minute you can watch here one minute four minutes five minutes six minutes and just here two minutes they are all very simple and very short videos so you can upload every time people click play and watch your videos and flourish what you earn money as simple as you can see here watch more than 171 students here video nouso if I now record this video this moment Chris actually makes money by allowing people to watch diet videos he on skillshare uploaded this is a very good opportunity for you to earn passive income because once you copy and paste the video here are people from all over the world they will organize your find videos on skillshare without you promoting those videos late skills to do all the hard work and promotion for you to bring people to their website to find and watch your videos and make you money even while you sleep you travel you work on something elsethe passive income that still rolls in I mean how it sounds youy, it's not great as you can see here are more than 1375 students very active 24*7 watch videos on this section lists so we go do exactly the same thing and start earning money the next thing i want you to do is continue as you can see here it is the site we are going to do get free videos so we can upload it on it's a lot reputable company that can come here to create logos videos a ridiculous sites you can create so many things but we want to focus on making videos t e createso you just need to go to this toolbar right here and click on it create videos and then you will get page video templates that suit your needs the reason why I love is so powerful because you can get many of this video template or 100 already absolutely free for you and there are so many options and choices that you can check out as you can see here, they are all very professional and done for you you can just click a few buttons and you can get all these videos without investment and again you can do everything on your cellphone or you can do it on your computer at the moment I want to give my own giving preferences now it is my recommendation for you to choose whiteboard animation tools the reason why it is so popular is because there are many people who actually like whiteboard and learn it is very suitable for as a training course hall all you have to do is just click on it here and then you will come to this page which is whiteboard animation tools like you here can see, is more than 1138 ratings there are many people who use them it likes them and more than 4.45 stars out of 5 star really fast, I just want to give you a ndeedemo about exactly what it looks like this white ball tutorial video template net as you see it here is a white template a tutorial video that teaches people a new skill they are actually very easy to understand, they are very professional and you can use all these things for your template when you browse below you can see the different videos created by other people using this template is allprofessional people love it endit are all proven templates and it's done 100 for you, you can do exactly the same thing on this site by just clicking a few buttons I'm going to you now without any wisdom technical skill or experience now you just have to go click on it now create click on this green button here and then you will go to this page where you might want to create a new video that now very important is right, there are three options from which you can select you want you to click on this drawer set up where you can choose a shape your storyline once you go to this drawer predefined options just click on this create button you can see there is a lot of side and ready-made stories that have been done a lot for you and tutorial videos that you can only do everything that is done for you on this site for example web development cloud database social media in real estate there are so many practice videos for which you can get absolutely free on and you can use it on to do it , you can make a lot of money online, just like this guy is doing right now people are earning steady passive income every single month month and month let us say for example you want to do video about online education platform promotion all you have to do just click on this video and then they will preview this video template as you need to do
and is to watch the video. so otherwise, you can just go click this blue button use this ready story. then create a new page where you can edit anything on this video. but everything is basically done on you this site. all the storyline timelines are all done for you you can the text change and change the wording on this page or adjust it if you want, for example go to study this year, you can just click on this add text to actually change the labels you want for example make sure you subscribe to my channel you can change any text you want and as soon as you click on it as you can see here they are going to change on the video itself, so it is actually very easy to change the labels here, but again everything is done for you you do not have to change many things and once you are done changing and playing with the text from any video here you can just go click on that style and continue to the next step here you can basically draw or cut a snippet paper style both of this style actually pretty good but personally I choose board drawn I click here on this style I just go ahead and click on the third step I have to choose on those colors as you can see here, these are all the custom colors are actually green color and if I click on this main color button can actually choose whatever color I want, for example blue colors ikan just go click on confirm and they will change the color to blue color or else you can change to red colors if you like red colors, but this is simply very true all isklik just on a few buttonsthe reds are all ready now you when you have finished choosing colors, you can go on and on to number four tribe where you can choose a music again, it's all done you have the company selected motivation music here where you can use or else you can use hundreds and find hundreds of different music that you can use in different categories for example rock music cinematic copper music and you can select what you want and just click preview to listen to the background music and you can choose what you want after selecting the music, for example in this case I prefer copyright motivations I can just go click on the preview which is the last step if you are here see and you can do it with a free preview, you do not have to pay a single cent on this site it is 100 free and you can download this video at and you can repeat the same method on different templates different videos, even with different storylines and create different tutorial videos and you can upload it and it enables you to earn every time money click play and watch videos skill share and it is very good method to earn passive income for people from all over the world but again for those of you asy you want a much better way to make quick money online you can see here I will show you exactly how you can earn 570 online every day without a computer all you need is just a cell phone to start with this done for you calculator payday systems the name of this app is actually called bags, now you can click on the link in the video description below direct access to bags and start making 500every day and it's just some of the results you can achieve use simple pockets, no lease/ no website /no paid traffic and no computer needed just to make money like these over 3200 over seven days and you can also find different case studies on different other people for whom their pockets are zero up to one thousand dollars in a single day you can get different reviews and find different proofs of payment just about this information you can see here today more than 200and yesterday another 243 dollars andu can earn autopilot commission by using simple pockets a very simple app that anyone without any use can user experience care that you again the link in the video description below ywingclick on it immediately access to crunch bags and start making 500now every day without a computer if udink that today's video is also difficult and you want a much easier and simpler method to make money something really special to show everyone what you need to do.

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