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 warning please promise me to keep this a secret between both of us found a secret the loophole that no one else is talking about. where you can cash in two hundred dollars all the way up to three thousand dollars without any skill or experience. there are a small group of people quietly using this underground loophole and making money every single month. no people notice that until one day I was talking with one of my friends and I accidentally found this secret. but please promise me to use this track ethically and once you make the money. please use and spend those money in a good way. if you are totally new and looking for some easy ways to make money online this is it and yes this is 100% free and works in all countries in the world. stay tuned and keep reading because this might be the one article that will change you and your family life forever before I want you to go ahead to


once you go onto this website you can see here welcome to money pantry simple solutions to earn and save more money online. now this website and this blog post you'll find many different ways and many different methods to make money online and I really want to give credit to the website owner because this is a really good website with a lot of useful information. now take a look at this you can find multiple ways to make money 81legit ways to earn money online,150 legitimate work from home jobs and they're hiring .right now a lot of ways to make money save money and you can get a lot of freebies. as well on this website, you can see here on the moneypantry.com get paid to write and over 100 different websites. they are willing to pay you fifty dollars up to even three thousand dollars per blog post and no don't worry you don't need any writing skill. you don't have to be good in English, in fact, you don't even have to write anything yourself because right in this article I'll show you a very unique and powerful strategy using google trick to get everything done for you on complete autopilot and all you have to do is to collect the payment sounds good then keep reading. now when you come on to this website you can find a lot of different companies. they are willing to pay your money to write articles. For example this company right this website transition abroad they are willing to pay you 150 dollars per blog post scrolling down below you can find there are literally, hundreds and hundreds of different companies they are willing to pay you a lot of money you can see here even up to700 per blog post the sun magazine to two thousand dollars per blog post, the earning potential here is unlimited there are just so many opportunities for you because you can find multiple different websites and you can build up multiple streams of income for example this website crack is a very famous website and they are willing to pay you fifty dollars up to two hundred dollars per post and this one decides they are willing to pay you to write fiction such as fantasy and science fiction up to three thousand dollars per article very powerful and they pay seven up to 12 cents for every single word that you write now let me show you an example using one of these companies that you can make money online by simply writing on google you can see here sites that pay you to write about general interest and the reason why I want to show this one is that it's very simple for you to write about general interest there's no competition and in just a moment I'll show you where you can find free articles so you can simply get some inspiration and ideas or even just copy and paste those done for your articles so you don't have to write anything you don't have to write your own articles and you can just get paid now, for example, this company vibrant life they're willing to pay you 100 up to 300 dollars per post just go ahead and click on this link right here vibrant life and then

 you're gonna come on to this website vibrantlive.com as you can see here and let me show you how easy it is to get paid on this website now very important articles should focus on one topic and stay with that subject to the end now this is really very very short articles just a few hundred words and then you can get paid up to three hundred dollars per post it's a very very good earning potential for brand new beginners from any country in the world now I want to give you a reference on how good the earning is now, for example, I want to show you this website right here which is called taxbroker.com 


now this website also pays you to write articles. but let me show you the difference of the prices right the difference of the money. that you can make for example, if you are writing articles for tax broker. for example, if you write 600 a words article for three-star qualities. you're gonna get paid just about six dollars. right very very little money six dollars for 600 words. but for this website vibrant life they're gonna pay you $100 up to $300per post by simply writing a very short article about 400 up to 650 words and this is actually very easy and let me show you how to do this. now let me show you what's the next step which is you're gonna copy and paste free articles on google and how we can submit them to this website and you can start getting paid as soon as today now what I want you to do is to go on to 

now for example if you want to write a topic about general interest. for example on topic how to learn English and then you're going to press enter the search button and after that, you can find a lot of different posts because quora is a free forum that allows people to come on here and post up different questions and you can also answer the question as well and there are just so many posts on quora. for example, this one how do we study English effectively how can I learn English easily. how did you learn English there are a lot of people following this topic.  now when you go down below you can find there are more than 100 different answers.  when you scroll down below you can see there are a lot of words right these are very very high-quality content on quora. there are just thousands and thousands of words right here. now there are a lot of people viewing this, For example, this one has over 4 000 views on this answer over 24 people upvote and like this post and the reason. why I love quora.com so much for this strategy is that you can find hundreds of different answers. but they'll automatically give you the best answer pin on the very top. for example, this one when you search In this post they'll give you the best answer on top of this is the first answer because a lot of people like it and quora they're gonna push these posts automatically to the very top of this question. the next step is that you're going to read these articles and then you can copy this one but remember you don't want to copy exactly other people's work because this is plagiarism. we are not going to do this but instead, I want you to get some inspiration and look at different people how they are writing the answers. now I want you to go ahead and go on to google.com and I want you to type in a keyword which is google docs and then Click on the search button and you can see here the first link right there google docs. I want you to click on this link and then you're gonna come out to this page where you can start a new document click on this blank document right there. and we're gonna open up a new google doc which is a new blank document where you can start copy and pasting something on this google doc and basically what we're gonna do is that. we're gonna copy the answer and paste them right into this document and then we're gonna submit that and get paid on a different website. so moving on I want you to go back to quora and then you're gonna open up different links, for example, open up any post and a post right there. you can find different answers for this topic. how can I learn English easily any post by the author is a really good article is a very good post. you can learn something from them. for example, point form number one you have to identify the tense right just copy this post and I can go back to google doc and just paste it right there and you can repeat the same thing right there on quora where you can find different answers from different blog posts. for example, this one what can i do to learn English this post right here I can get some inspiration, some points on there and I can just copy this one and go back to google doc and paste the answer right there to come up with a new article. which is about 400 up to 500 words but remember what we are doing there is that you are not going to copy exactly like other people because they are not going to accept your articles because you copy 100%. the same from other people and the best and easiest strategy is that you can refer to multiple people and find different posts. right look for different answers and get some point over here. some point over there from all sorts of other different answers and then after that, we can tweak it and change it a little bit using our own words. you can just rearrange them into a different paragraph and put up a better and solid rewritten articles. the reason why this strategy is so powerful is because you only need very short articles right about 400up to 600 words in fact they don't even want you to exceed 1000 words. so this is a very good strategy and opportunity for you to come up with a short article using the answer from quora. using other people's answer. now I'll show you another google trick that you can use once you read those articles. once you get some inspiration and some reference from other people's answer. you can go back to google docs and just go ahead and click on this tool button right there and click on voice typing and you can start speaking to your mobile phone with your microphone or your computer and instead of typing and writing the articles yourself. you can actually speak and then this special tool will automatically help you to convert your voice into words. so all you have to do is just copy and paste. so once you finish speaking just click on this button to stop the voice typing tool and this is a very good strategy, a very nice google trick. that you can use instead of just typing out the articles and the blog posts yourself. you can just speak and just read out loud the answer on quora because for me myself I can read faster than typing as you can see here this is actually pretty accurate maybe there's some leader typing mistake and you can just change it. if you don't want to type it out yourself. if you are lazy to write you can just use these two to speak and google will automatically type out the entire articles for you.  now let me show you another bonus website which is 

now, this website they're gonna pay you to write a top 10 leads as you can see their top 10 most creepy curse and haunted objects. top 10 drinking games they pay you up to $100per top 10 list. so this is a very good opportunity for you to make money online by simply writing on different websites. now you can go back to quora for example if you receive this job these top 10 drinking games. you can just go to quora.com and then you can type in a keyword which is top 10 drinking games and press on the search button and you can search on this topic to see whether or not you can find some good answers for example what is your favourite drinking games and this one what are the best drinking games to play with two people. for example, this one ring of fire is one of the ringing games that people can do. so this is actually a very good source of inspiration where you can find different websites to get paid. for example, moneypantry.com they're gonna find Your different websites and different companies are willing to pay you money to write. some simple articles or even other companies like listverse.com and they're willing to pay you to write a list of articles. the top 10 such top 10 ways to make money online top 10ways to lose weight. it doesn't matter what website you're using to make money online whether it is listrisk.com or whether it's moneypantry.com. you can effectively use quora to find your answers just simply get some inspiration and you can refer to other people's answer copy and paste those answers into a google document and then you can use the to section right here use the voice typing to write the articles for you and you can submit and make a lot of money online by simply using this strategy.

This is a method by which you can earn money by writing articles, but let me tell you, it is plagiarism when you paste and paste articles. It should not be done at all. I just gave you an idea on how to write articles. Try writing from then you can see for yourself and earn money by submitting the article.

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