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Are you struggling to make your first dollar online, maybe trying countless money making methods, but somehow none of them actually work. Maybe it's just too difficult or maybe it's due to land restriction or just simply do not know where and how to start making it. now a $100 to $300 extra a day is a dream for most people. especially for a brand new beginner because with that money you could achieve so many different things support from your family and your loved one to travel and enjoy a holiday buy a new house, a new car the latest cellphone and computer say goodbye to your boss and your tiring work. it is my goal for you in this video to help you earn $500 to $1000 with little to no work on a true passive income strategy. that does not require prior investment no difficult setup or taxing skills, but moreover, it's important not to wait because this method is fast, it's ready to go immediately, because it's going to be exciting, now the first website I want to show today what is a red bubble. now you can continue and do not worry easy and so much simpler race that you now a bubble, in a nutshell, thinking red allows you to see different selling designs like you can see here. but just a few examples that are right no was you now have the designs on this sales site with which they will help you print your design automatic different garments, different sticker phone cases, wall art accessories, stationery and so an and the beauty of this strategy is that you do not need non-technical skills you do not need non-skills in graphic design that you do not even have to create your own design you do not need to have stock do not even have to sell anything is one of the best strategies for new beginners to start. I now just earn money on the internet want for you some wise example of the stickers with a different design. you can here for example see 1.46 cents and chase another one design one dollar and sixty-seven dollar. now for example, if we look in phone cabinets for which they usually sell about $ 20 to $ 35. again there are just so many different categories you can sell the design on
start earning again in just a moment show I did 100 for you and automation software. you can start for free to create different designs for you, so make sure you stay up to date and do not miss it, but let me show you exactly how it works now you sign up for free on redbubble. what you want to click here on this button was my account and you want to click on this button that sells your art. it will bring you to your dashboard on your redbubble account. now there are a few things you can do as a complete beginner. now, number one can create different products right for example, you can upload different designs, different photos and number two you can set up a professional store here. so that people can come down to you to buy and otherwise buy products from you and step number three is actually paid and money is deposited directly into your account, now can do either cryptocurrency transfer or PayPal money.
But anyway I will it's really simple and I will show you step by step how to do it. now in this case we actually want to create a product all you have to do is just click on h this link and see here by design and it will take you to this page where you can actually add your new world. so from there, you have two options right number one you can upload a brand new design and number two you can use an existing design. now let us just say if you are completely new is a brand new account that we are going to start off by uploading a new work. so that everyone just has to right-click on this button to upload a design. so here I am just finished uploading my design on redbubble using upload here completely. so basically the next question would you think how can I actually get this design. you have no technical skill know how to do design, how can I actually get a complete design now, I know that a lot of us, we do not really know how to do it design how we can actually create different photos and different graphics and that is why I want to use this second site snappa now you can now go to
go bases on this site you can create different online graphs with a snap. it is actually very simple very easy and many different free templates have done that you can choose. it is 100% free, you do not have to invest money. now all you have to do is click this button to get started now, just enter your name and email address and password and sign in for a free account on snappa. so from there you sign up have, you are able to create different designs using the different templates that you can see here. for example, if you want some social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and so on, but the thing you will quickly realize that there are so many templates but nothing actually fits no one requirement. so basically a red bubble we need something design really special. so they can print it on different items for example top shirt for example on top of the cup or phone cases, and so on, so it's this reason why I want you to pay very close attention to what I'm going to show you. At the moment you can see here customized graphic size. nowhere under the graphic design, I want you to type 2200 times 2200, this is the custom design size. we all need now all you have to do is click on this create button there and free that will take you to this dashboard. where you can start designing different domains for yourself. now from there, you can change different backgrounds you can add effects. so you can add some text above for example -on your design or different graphic different shapes. there are so many things that make everything so much simpler for you. it's actually one of the examples of the design I just created and upload it to redbubble as you can see here and I have created this exact design using snappa. now the first thing you are going to do is that you are going on graphics and you can actually search different icon vectors, different photos and so for example if I can choose on icons. I can type certain keywords for example documents and I can find different find icons related to the pets. now say for example as I click on it and it will be wisely on top of my canvas of mine design, one thing is of course that you. it can drag to make it smaller to make it bigger to change the size of you can drag and drop to place it where you want the second thing you can do. now is that you can add a text for example if you click on the text click button you can actually select a heading. now from there you can drag it once on top again and change the text right on top, so in this case, I just type in love yours pets. it's actually a very simple design that you can make using snappa and of course you can do it on your phone. but anyway once you have completed its design you can just click this button to download it to your phone or computer. so again this is how you can get a free design on snappa out we might get many different varieties of different designs. you do not need non-technical skills, you do not need skills in graphic design, just very simple drag and we go back to our redbubble account and upload it to the design net above. so now just fill in simple information for your design, for example, the title can now just put love pets for the task.  now it's all you are going to do to upload your design on redbubble.


I so other people can watch them when they browse and shop on redbubble and finally it's adult content make sure your project. you can just agree to the terms and conditions and you can save your work. so that they now start processing like you can see it here you just take a few seconds free as you can see here happiness. you are almost ready to resell so now, you can just complete payment details and set up options. say for example if you want to receive money to your fund in your bank account or in your PayPal account. you can only be set up there. but basically, it's actually a very cool design you can see there a lot of people will actually love them. as you can see here, it's all the designs also the different t-shirt bases, it's your whole store on and when people further go to and when they search for certain keywords for example pets or pets animals and they have the chance to eventually flip on your product. when they buy and you earn money. so now I want a bonus tip on how you can actually promote your designs promote your store. now if you want to realy only on rebubble to help you serve products that are absolutely good. but if you want to take in the next level you want more people have free traffic to your store and buy another design go take your own responsibility start promoting your design and promote a redbubble shop. so soon I will show you a brand new website which no other people talk about it. you can go further
 it is basically a brand new social media platform. it works something very similar to Facebook. but they have a very low level competition. there are not many people know about this site at the moment. so you have a very good opportunity and a good chance to get traffic free especially animal lovers to go on and buy your design on redbubble. so if you want to join parler today, all you have to do is click on this to brand new form to create account and click on it. I agree from there bring your email address your phone and a password verify your just there as soon as you sign up a parler account. you are going to do and again it works something very similar to facebook, where you can write different posts. you can see here icon. just starting to type something here on lighter one thing very cool is that they do it a text system. you can see here at the moment there are different. there people use for example hashtag bitcoin, hashtag parloruk, hashtag gardenclub and so many .so right, you can see here if I search on the dark keyword I can find different hashtags that people use related to dogs, let's just say if I click on these hashtag documents. you can find different people from different countries in the world they are dealing within the parler community. they post different posts, different photos, different videos related to pets  to different animals .you can bleach this free traffic to this close knitting community and you can use it to promote your red bubble shop and if people click on your link from your shop they gone this page and they can browse around maybe they can buy a hoodie ' a t-shirt some monk and so more different designs that you upload on the greater the chance that you are going to make money on this site again, they will try their best to help you promote and sell designs, but if you want to take it to the next level to promote yourself and salon is actually a very good platform to do so and get targeted people who are interested in certain designs. so you can see here, you can just trick. so something I love very much for this store with so many cute shirts design look at this and you can leave your link directly on top of your message and you can just attach your photos maybe your photos to one or others design a preview, maybe a t-shirt, a cup of phone cases and so on, and that's how you can attract people, but again it's very important to insert a hashtag .for example you can in hashtag animal, right hashtag pets and so to hashtag cute pets  and if people click on certain search keywords that have their potential to find you just there and if they click on your link they can go to republican store and when they make a purchase you can pay this site. so it is once again can upload different design and start selling different items and get it to help you promote their products and on the other hand to increase your revenue. you can also promote it by using the pilot strategy that I am pointing you to at the moment. but once again for the of you if you want a much better way to make money fast online you can see here I will show you exactly how you can earn $500 online every day without a computer.

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