Now I want you to look at this with just one click you can earn twenty dollars very simply. just once now you do not have to be math to see this income potential guess what you do. when you make five clicks $100 a huge $100 out of just five clicks. just use your smartphone. I mean this not crazy, no I know it sounds amazing. but right on this content, I reveal the secret of this brand new strategy that no other people talking about it. it is suitable for brand new beginners who have never made money online before and it's a 100% free methods and works worldwide. I will show you how to sign up for free and guide you through every little detail and steps and give you all the examples of the real world .so at the end of this article you can make your first $100 or even your first $1000 online and somewhere on this article will share even some secret tips that will help you make more money compared to other people. you will definitely kick yourself, now in your mailbox the website I want to show today that 

so really late to show the payout right on this website, some of them pay about five dollars to pay, some of them about forty-two dollars. now if I can find under your roll there are so many different areas, they paid you a different amount and some of them pay you even up to seven hundred dollars. as you can see here now do not worry, I will try to make it as simple as possible and at the end of the read this article. you can make you The first 100 in just five clicks is now the first test of what I want you to do. as soon as you get to the homepage of the sacrificial trap. I want to scroll down and search this category you can see here trending searches. basically, shareware is the ten best listing top ten different categories that should focus on the most to make the catch. now in this article, I want to show an example with a gift certificate, now all must do, click on this category what is a gift card and from there. it is going to take you to this page and show all the offers regarding gift card. now from there down we will just go down you can see here on the left the first column they are actually all offered nameplate. it is actually the name of the offer and from there you can also pay out $ 65 with just one click right here.  there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different offers with which you can use earn money here online safe. now right on this article, I want to save you a lot of time and immediately you what is the best and what I use now personally make a lot of money,  now want to look at this particular offer.

you can offer here 500 amazon gift card draws. you can see your 20 dollars in one single click. now that you have reached just click on this link here. it will bring you to this page and this is the name of the offers. basically, they will pay you $20 per lead which means twenty dollars one click. so it is basically the official website of this particular offer. now as click on it and it brings you to this page the concept here is really simple, you are basically available can find different offers literally hundreds and hundreds of different offers and they will all be edited. for example for your website done this website here is all done for you you do not need to create any the website you do not need non-technical sailing. all you have to do is grab a link on the right just grab your link. so I just want to make it very clear that you do not need to create any of these sites. they were pre-made and so done for you what is going to happen is that when human click on your link, what they are going to borrow this page and as soon as it is full fill out this form can here. for example, their name the address and so on and when they click the next button that is actually considered click right one lead and it is going to pay you $ 20 this is all you have to do the coolest thing about offer vaulted CPA marketing is that you do not have to sell anything you do not need to refer anyone to whom you do not need videos sites you do not need social media followers and all you have to do is just grab a simple link get one link and get people to click on it and every click is paid $20 and you can just repeat the whole strategy and apply it open offer what you want here offer safe and you can make as much money as possible so let me get out of there exactly how do you get many click free countries in the world as is excited make sure you smash the button and subscribe to my channel because we are going to dive in to show you a bunch of special bonus tips to keep going this is actually the second website where you can get a lot of free traffic to get a lot of people to click on your link and the name here is actually Pinterest and inside just a moment will show you how to sign up, but soon I will show some examples like you can see here, I am on the homepage of Pinterest and you can notice here there are many Amazon gift certificate photo you can see here, for example this one this here and also just there are so many people who different people share free Amazon gift card photos who say for example when I click on this photo and it takes me to this page like you can see here if we go down, you can see here it is actually a link you can see here 200 Amazon gift card now if I click this link here and when I fill in the details this man is going to make money and you can see here is so many people use this exact strategy and get a lot of people to click on their link on Pinterest and what they do is just post a picture and share an image, for example, each other500 Amazon gift voucher now all I have to do is just click here on these photos it's going to take me again page and very simply they put the net in a title a description and they leave a link that actually links to the CPA affiliate for example which can link an offer orphan now if I click on this link here and if I go to this page when I fill in the details and every time you click on this button it is considered as one click and this way we are going to make 20 dollars just as simple as it is so right now I know that what you think right. now can I actually create images and pictures and don't worry free pics can get anywhere else and you can post them on 


so now I want to show you how to sign up for a free account I'm interested so from there I want you to go on google and search net Pinterest you can see your Pinterest and can right on the first link click here from there, it will take you to the homepage of Pinterest. Basically, there are many people who share different images and photos directly to this site. now all you have to do can just enter your email address and your age and you can sign once a free Pinterest account. it is again 100% free and it is available worldwide, so from there once you log in to your Pinterest account this is what you are going to do on your dashboard. you can basically see different recommendations and different photos and images. Move now what I want you to do is that you might have a plus button below you can do it on your phone, can do it all on your computer is to click on this plus button you can here you can actually create a new pin and if you can see here all you have to do is click just this link here creates a new pin from there. it will bring you to this page it is actually very simple you just need to upload a picture correctly image, just like this one you can see that it is actually an image and from there. you need a title for example  $500 Amazon gift card and it will be your title as you can see here and just a short description and from there the most important is to leave a link right there, as you can see here destination links. so in just a the moment, I show step by step how to put up my photos and why all the information and you can fill in images just like that every month. it is literally thousands and hundreds of thousands of people who are going to search on Pinterest. they will search for free Amazon gifts and they will end up finding your images. now the more images you have uploaded the more pin on what you have created more people will end up clicking on to claim their free Amazon gift card and just think in one single day get hundreds and hundreds of people clicking on your link now, some of them will eventually fill out the form some of them are maybe not just the coolest thing about it is that you do not have to sell anything that people do not have to buy nothing just fills the form in and just one click, you can earn 20 people dollars this whole strategy requires no investment is 100% free. so to go on, I want to show you how to get free images here. now on google if you go further to you can just click images and from there you can enter an input keyword which is a free Amazon gift card just click on the search button and from there you can see different images.

find here on google that you can literally download and copy and paste. we can upload it here again just like this guy after that one thing will keep in mind that these images actually protected their copyright. so you can not just simply copy photos of other people that are actually illegal the reason why I want to take the extra step which is very important is as you miss it, you will not make any money, so make sure you are close to paying attention. so now what I want you to do is click on settings and I want you to click on this link what you can see here advanced search just click on it and from there it will bring you to this page and I want you to scroll down to the bottom and you can see here usage rights. okay usage right but the phone is actually all licenses. so rainy now I want you to choose creative general licenses that you mean can legally share this photo with other people for free. you can download it again at any point you want. so make sure again that you select this category for the usage rights and I want you to click on this blue button for advanced search from it. you can see this link here only there appears basically they only show you all the images under the Creative Commons licenses that you can actually use images. now say, for example, this one what you can license here, click on this image and you can literally, upload it on your phone or on the computer now in this case if I'm using a computer I can just click on it as an image on my computer or if you use it a cell phone, you can it's just a constellation on your phone too. so now, as you can see here, I have successfully downloaded this image here on my computer and when I click on it and it's going to open as and we will have it to upload it again on Pinterest. now so continue on the last step all you are going to do is to just log in to Pinterest account again and it's going to drag and drop it. just upload click on this button to upload the image again. now as you can see here I have just uploaded my image to the right here on this column and that's what we put our title for this image, so in this case, we'll go taking something like this win free amazon gift course limited available and it is actually a very good title and you will be very crunchy. now for the description, you are going to simply write something like this at the link above or below, fill in the details to give a chance to win a free Amazon gift card and from there people literally go on and click on our links this is where we are going to sit it here in this box so from there say for example I just put in my affiliate links here in this column and I just click on the Save button as simple as this. now you can simply repeat this strategy go to google and find different free image copyrights free images download it enjoy can upload. it again interested just like all these guys do and when people on you flip images and when it finally clicks the link. they will most likely fill out this form here because it is actually very easy very simple they do not need to buy anything and they can buy a free amazon gift card, why not many nobodies will end up filling them for every single click that you can earn  $20 again and again and again.

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