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How To Make More write Article Earn Money By Doing Less

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 have you probably heard of google because google is one of the biggest companies in the world, with millions and millions of people go to google every day to search for information read, videos watch, visit websites but do you know that you can actually earn a lot of money from a domain simple google trick? there is a small group of people who quietly use this secret method and banking one thousand even up to five thousand dollars this exclusive information was never shared with the public. only today right on this article is going to reveal and expose all to you my reader. so you can take advantage of this little known google trick as well as you have a smartphone, have a computer and an internet connection. you can do it without money because it is a 100% free method and it works now worldwide. if you all by my read way to the end. I will even share with you a 100% free tool with which you can exponentially increase the money. Normally people would spend hours at least about 100 dollars. if you know this secret tool and this trick you can easily makeup to $300 or even more within 30 minutes. it is super exciting and we go diving right in . so I can  let's start making money is now the first step i want you to go on google and i want you to search for this keyword google news oranders can just click on this button you can see here and scroll down just select on this logo you can see your news and click just on it and from there it will bring you to this page on the google news now please keep looking and keep following what i pay you wisely from google and one the thing you will find is that there are so many different news is now posted on Google and one thing you will notice is that google will try to categorize all the news in different most popular categories for example you can here technology entertainment sports science and health it's all the favorite topic people would like to look at we just say if I click on the help section you can see here click on this link and it will take me to this page where I can find all the news on the health category now go to the next step I want you to choose on one of these articles because they are all very very professional now let's just say if like this article traveling to Nigeria I can just click on this link and it's going to the official takeaway article you can see here is the complete news on these specific topics it is where the magic happens your can use google news and user people's articles reallyprofessional a articles and we can make money from it, let's now see if I like this article, so copy only one of the sentence you can see here, copy it whole paragraph I just click the copy button, so move to step number two now you can to spinbot. com

 go enbasies it's a free app and free software with which you can do it article rotate you can rotate view article here and rewrite text noudie concept here is very simple, they bases have two blocks right on their website can see here in box number one where you can feed the text in to rewrite the articles this is where our deep plaque repeat paragraph and articles in here you can see here as I scroll down I can just click button on the go and this software will automatically help me to rewrite this rich article paragraph in a brand new unique article, so all that you are going to do is click on this, I'm not a robot and you can just click button and tree on the go as you can see here literally just one click on the button you sa l you automatically help describe the emperor text in a brand new article now for some of you all know what the power of this strategy is literally use the power of googleveral google news and find different popular topics and different popular articles written by many people professionally and move we can continue the power of ai technology uses endraai beam to rewrite the articles in abai unique content and we can use this brand new article write the rewrite articles and we can earn a lot of money especially PayPal money then overpay now many different payment options go once to step number three you have some successful rewrite articles what else are you going to sites to get paid now in this video, I show you a total of three different sites make sure to watch to the end to learn all because the more site you sign up the more money you will earn now for the site number one that is tax broker , you can go to

you first come to the homepage i will have you have to click on this button, I write content and you want to click on it and from there they will show your potential earnings and how much money can now be paid depending on the quality of articles right, they will judge you from two stars up to five stars and different ratings will pay you otherwise pay per written word again I just want to emphasize again that you do not do it you do not need to write your own articles you do not need writing skills no technology or experience needed all you have to do by simply following this simple strategy google news and find simple professional articles written by other people and use the power of spinning ball to rewrite the entire content articles and this is how you can get paid from google and anyone can do it now especially if you have high usability articles from google you should be able to ratings about four to five to give you 1.4 cents can pay higher we now say only up to 5 cents per word you get 5 star of the quality you can easily get if you use the google article as a basis and from there you can actually estimate how much money you can earn depending on the word count now say for example if you write an article about 2 100 words that from one meaningful article right one single blog post you have about 105 dollars and thisis literally one of the easiest ways they have seen brand new beginners for a while to be able to take advantage of this strategy to make some really easy money online and guess what if you can find long articles for example up to 5 000 words you can get up to 255 from just one article and as you can see here there are so many similar topics here on Google and you can combine literally three or five or three to five different articles in one single article and from down there easily increase the number of words to get now pay once more money on this site again make sure you a keep looking because I will give you two more wise websites to be paid for simply the submission of articles written by other people here are some reasons why you should join the text broker now, it's 100 free registration and your really flexible time you can submit as much as you want and then they pay right weekly you can pay weekly receipts off and as soon as you earn 10 us dollars you can start paying out your account  now go over to the second website where you can easily be paid the submission of the article you can write gaanna

so basically these are the five easy steps to get paid step number one for which you can register for free account and step number two you have to choose what type of category you want to work on what type of articles you want to write so you can choose here, you can choose from one of these popular categories which is business technology entertainment number three you can send in your articles and step forward they will review article and as soon as they approve and step no mmer five, they pay you the money and just there they go pay you a very good income you can see here depending on what packages people buy, are now able to earn a different amount of money for example over the popular package average 150 words about which you can earn four dollars and 70 cents and if you are writing about 3,000 words articles that can earn about 66 the good thing is that if you offer articles of a very good quality for example something that comes from komgoogle news you can do elite plus category where you can see here you can up to 3 000 words pay217,50 which is really a good amount of ice money and again you can use the exact same articles you can submit to and you can also submit them to from just one article you can get paid from different income stream when you click on multiple sign up sites and again the registration is 100% free and it is available worldwide for people from different countries in the world. so here is the third website we are trying to show you today what is now you can go

 basically, they will pay you for whatever articles you write now all you have to do is just click on this button at the top to become a writer it will take you here to name page on which you can become a freelancer and you can submit an application here on this page again you can work in any industry in different categories and this is exactly why Google and google news so powerful because it literally covers the most popular and popular topic that people actually want and the most famous including technological entertainment and science and even health and there are just as many different sources of different news and different articles and it is going to keep them updated every day and no other people talking about this strategy and this is the animal reason why I try my best to share You guys, my friend are the latest stone the latest technology by using this ai technology which is spinball you can rewrite whole articles in your brand new content and it is super amazing and super beginner friendly for everyone to get started and again the payment is guaranteed to pay you can be automatically accepted 15 days after your job is accepted and you can literally unleash price on this site that you can levy literally a lot more money compared to previous two sites now for the first site tax broker you can earn about 160 for 3,000 words article and for the second site you can get even more earn up to $ 217 for 3,000 word articles right on this site you can literally earn twice as much money even up to 300 out of just a single article pay you have a very high rate and you can work from anywhere you want more than 20 plus different countries now, all you have to do is just click on the apply now button here and take you to this page where the registration can only complete your email your first name first name and password to create free account so this is exactly how you can use the power of Google and Google Newsom to compile different articles and rewrite the content and send it in three different sites to get paid from Google .

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